A Cathartic Experience: Seeing The Rocky Mountains For The First Time

Last summer I traveled to Estse Park, Colorado, where I stayed surrounded by the Rocky Mountains for a week. Estes Park is a town in Larimer County, located at the headquarters for Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park lies along the Big Thompson River. 

During my time there, I was able to witness a well-known wonder of the world; the rocky mountains. Once you visit this place, you will leave with a respect for the land. The sheer size, the mountain range, the clear waters of the lake, and ice caps. It is mother nature at its best. There are endless trails that follow up the mountains, rivers, and lakes. The mountains are beautiful and I wish I lived in the rocky mountains. 

I grew up going on road trips every summer. I’ve seen the rocky shores of Nova Scotia, swam in the deep ocean that surrounds Prince Edward Island (P.E.I), gone on endless camping adventures down the east coast all the way to Florida. And in all that time, I had never seen the Rocky Mountains. Surprisingly, they were exactly what I expected them to be. 

The small time I spent in the Rocky Mountains, was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Being separated and away from everything and everyone gave me a better insight on what the world has to offer. The calming scenery and endless valleys awoken a part of me that allowed me to look at the world in a completely different way; a more open, calming, peaceful world. The land does not judge, only watches. It exists in an infinite matter. 



Estes Park Summer 2012 – Staring at the world, through a different eye


One thought on “A Cathartic Experience: Seeing The Rocky Mountains For The First Time

  1. I completely understand how you feel. I actually just moved to Colorado to be closer to the serenity of the Rockies. Though I’m in Denver, I have made it a goal to get into the foothills or mountains every weekend. Estes Park is fabulous!

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